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Custom Energy Solutions located in Edison, NJ is a national energy consulting firm with almost a decade of commodities experience. CES understands that having a reliable partner to help get you through these rough economic times is crucial to the long term survival of your business. Through our network of over thirty gas and electric suppliers as well as many other services, we are able to help save your business as much as 30% or more on your energy bills. What business would not want to cut their energy costs? Utility bills can be one if not the highest expense today for some business.

Through our competitive bidding process with our supplies, our reverse auctions, aggregations and other techniques, we are able to secure the lowest electric or gas rate for your business hands down! We provide our services to commercial and industrial establishments of all sizes. We will help connect you with the most cost effective suppliers to save your business a large percentage off their energy bills each month, so you can worry about what is really important; growing your company.

We work with the largest supply companies around, specialize in providing Green Energy at Great Prices, offer solar and co-generation installations, and so much more. When you need an alternative to your current energy costs, trust the experts at Custom Energy Solutions.

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Custom Energy Solutions

Custom Energy Solutions (CES) is a national energy-consulting firm with a huge experience in its business area, which provides power and gas consumption analysis for businesses nationwide at their main office in Edison. However, CES is a great option for your energy supply needs in Edison as well as throughout the whole country. There are two main goals of the Custom Energy Solutions:

  • to encourage businesses to use alternative energy;
  • to help them thrive by reducing energy costs.

Such approach results in the significant contribution to preventing further global warming and the energy crisis on the planet.

CES tries to open the eyes of business owners to how much money they waste each time overpaying for utilities. Surely utility bills are the largest expenditure item for the majority of businesses today. CES cooperates with the best suppliers worldwide, as well as with other services, with the help of which it is able to save you more than 30% on your energy bills. By reducing the energy costs, you secure the long-term prosperity for your business.

Green Energy

Without striking a blow, CES can provide the best electric prices in NJ, NY, PA, and the rest of the deregulated states nationwide due to the different techniques used in competitive bidding process:

  • a vast network of suppliers;
  • aggregations;
  • reverse auctions etc.

CES provides its services to all industrial and commercial establishments. These are associations, hospitals, offices, schools, townships, factories, industrial buildings, hotels, chambers of commerce offices, supermarkets, restaurants and many others.

СES works with the leading supply companies specializing in providing Green Energy at budget-friendly prices. It offers solar and co-generation installations, etc. Green Energy (alternative energy) is an environmental and renewable energy of water, earth, sun and wind, and is very promising taking into account permanent growth of energy prices.

The Best Energy Solutions

Custom Energy Solutions is a reliable and professional partner for the people who look to the future with confidence and optimism. CES provides different groups of customers with the lowest electric and natural gas rates using alternative renewable sources.  Our professional technical team includes engineers and installers having years of experience. This allows implementing a comprehensive approach to projects of diverse complexity.

The main CES’s focus is to provide your business with a clear understanding and a correct impression of the current fast-changing energy environment in order to save you as much money as possible on the utility bills. Therefore, you can invest the saved money into the development of your business. CES’s experts are experienced and well trained and know exactly which type of product would be the most suitable for your business. We provide bill audits, energy audits, light replacement and renewable energy in Edison, NJ. The entire team of professionals will work tirelessly to develop an efficient energy management plan and cut your energy costs. Cooperation with CES will save you up to 30 % or even more on your annual expenditures. Why pay more?! Call or e-mail Custom Energy Solutions and make the first step towards your energy independence and confidence in your future by using green energy.

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