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Custom-energy-solutions-pr-sub1We all understand that the cost of your energy bills can be unpredictable. Electricity bills are a major expense for any business. When you’re not spending a fortune on electricity to keep your business cool during the summer, you’re spending the same amount on natural gas to keep it warm during the winter. This leaves you at the utility companies’ mercy all year long, unless you let Custom Energy Solutions work with you to find the right plan and lowest rate out of our network of over thirty top licensed suppliers.

After laws were passed in most states to break up the utilities monopoly, there is now the opportunity for competition to create lower prices. Unlike Utilities, energy suppliers benefit by this and have the flexibility to operate more efficiently, buying electric and gas supplies when they are less expensive and passing those savings on to their customers. If you are spending too much on your electric & gas bills, why not give us a call and see if we can help you cut energy costs by up to 30%? We will save you as much money as possible, because when you’re happy, we’re happy. Many of our clients achieve savings of 20%-30% annually by taking advantage of our services. Let us see what we could save you!

For the last several years, our management team has advised clients and successfully placed commercial accounts across the country in the most economical solution. Our overall marketplace knowledge, both wholesale and retail, and our familiarity with complex multiple tariffs in numerous utilities have proven to deliver best practice results.

Working with Custom Energy Solutions Will Assure You Are Provided with Several Things, Such as:

  • A breakdown of energy deregulation.
  • Expert Analysis of your energy usage to formulate a custom tailored strategy to benefit your individual needs, goals, & risk tolerance.
  • Actively manage a bidding process with over thirty top licensed suppliers to insure the lowest electric and natural gas rates available.
  • Continued updates on the energy market and making sure you are informed of all opportunities that
    come along.

In the process of developing a custom plan for each client’s usage type and needs, we will most likely use one of the following products below:
Although there are several electric products available, depending on your energy usage, load profile and risk tolerance, one of the three listed below are the most common.

Fixed Price Plan for Electric or Natural Gas Use

A Fixed Price provides you with a competitive fixed electric and or natural gas rate that will remain the same throughout the entire term of your choice.  A  Fixed Price gives you the opportunity to budget your energy costs to avoid rate hikes and market volatility.  This product will provide the client with budget stability as we will turn a variable cost into a fixed cost.  In addition, Custom Energy Solutions will perform a full analysis of your usage and work with numerous suppliers to bid your account(s) for the lowest fixed rate available, as well as to use our experience in timing the market so we are able to purchase a fixed rate that will provide instant savings versus the utilities rate.  The fixed electric or fixed gas rate is the product with the least risk to the client.

Index or Variable Price Options

Variable or Index Products are another option your energy consultant will discuss with you.  An Index Product usually exposes the client to more slightly more risk, while providing the opportunity for a greater reward. Depending on your load profile and market conditions, sometimes and index product is the only thing that makes sense. In some cases, utility costs are on the decline. During these circumstances, the “index product” is the best option. Once all data points to the market being at a substantial low, our experts will then recommend a fixed option. Index products are also beneficial if you use a majority of your power during off-peak times, or simply do not want to enter into a long-term fixed contract. With an index product, you will see a change in your electric price each month.

Hybrid Products (Different Combinations of Part Fixed and Part Index)

A hybrid rate is a combination of fixed and variable costs; commercial and industrial companies will choose to fix a portion of their energy supply needs. Following this methodology of keeping a separate portion varying on an index allows the companies to actively hedge themselves against market peaks and valleys while satisfying customer energy supply demands.

Hybrid Products can be very useful when we find the right application for them. More often than not, a Hybrid rate is a great tool for larger clients. A Hybrid Product has its advantages as described below:

One example of a hybrid product is a Block & Index. This is a combination of index and fixed prices. When the load factor is right, our analysts will fix a block of power at a guaranteed price and supply the balance of your load on a real-time hourly index.

Another hybrid product is an On-Peak/Off-Peak Index and Fixed Rate. We can provide any of our products on-peak, off-peak, or around the clock. Larger customers can take advantage of the off-peak usage during certain hours in the day. During the on-peak time, we will work to lock a client into a fixed rate during the expensive on peak pricing period, while we will put them on a very low index rate during off peak hours when energy is at its least expensive hours. This product can create large savings of over 30% annually for the right client.

With all of these products available, we make sure that an experienced and accomplished energy consultant thoroughly goes over your load profile and discusses the options and benefits of each product. We will be certain to provide a complete cost savings analysis for each product and give our opinion of what suites each individual client the best. Of course, the client has the final decision.

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