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Energy Deregulation

Not that long ago, there were no options except for you to pay what your local utility charged you. You accepted what was offered and that was that. The price was set, and there wasn’t much of a way to cut the costs. However, times have changed, and due to the passage of laws over the last 15 years to break up the utilities monopolies, you now have an option on what you pay for your power!

This can help you save money at your business establishment and Custom Energy Solutions wants to help you to pick exactly the right supplier with the lowest rate. We will supply you with a free energy analysis or bill analysis to determine how much you can save and how we can help you implement these savings.

renewable energy consulting firms
Renewable Energy Consulting Firms

How Deregulation Works

Before deregulation, the utility was responsible for all three steps in electric production:
generation, where the electricity is produced, transmission, where electricity travels long
distances on high-voltage lines, and distribution, where it steps down to individual users.
With deregulation, the Utility continues to oversee transmission and distribution, and charges
everyone the same amount for this service. Generation is now provided by multiple, competing
vendors. The idea is that competition will drive innovation and efficiency, and this will result
in lower prices.

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