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What is Energy Deregulation or Energy Choice?

For decades, consumers were required to purchase all of their electricity and natural gas from a single utility. Today, a growing number of states are creating the option for consumers to choose if they would like to purchase their electricity or natural gas from a competitive energy supplier or from their local utility. Competitive suppliers are typically licensed by your state’s public utility commission and no longer allow utilities to monopolize both the supply and delivery portion of your bill. Deregulation began in the late 1990s and is growing state by state. Currently around half of all states have some form of Energy Choice available.

Why Should I Shop For Electricity and Natural Gas?

Just like you shop for any service for your business, you can shop for your electricity to find the best deal and the best service for your needs. Remember, saving just one cent per kWh could translate into more than $100 to $100,000 a year in savings, depending on usage. Competitive offers may not be available in all areas.

Will My Local Delivery Company or Utility Be Mad Or Lose Money If I Choose A Different Supplier?

Not at all. Utilities in deregulated markets do not make a profit on the supply of your electric or natural gas. They make their money from billing and delivering the electric and gas through the infrastructure that they have in place. As a matter of fact, many Utilities have incentives for customers to switch to a Third Party Supplier by giving a percentage of the first two months of your bill, while some states or cities give tax breaks in certain utilities for switching to another supplier. These are only in limited areas, such as Coned in NY for example as well as LIPA in Long Island.

So Am I Still A Customer Of The Utility If I Choose Another Supplier?

Yes! You will still remain a customer of your local utility. They will continue to service your account as always, read your meter, provide customer service, billing, normal maintenance and repairs, and of course emergency service.

Is There A Cost To Switch? Do I need To Buy Anything or Have Anything
Extra Installed?

There is no cost at all either upfront or prorated to switch your electric or natural gas service. There are no modifications to be made, or installations of any kind. The switch is seamless and requires nothing at all.

If I Switch To A Supplier, Will There Be Any Interruptions In Service, and Where Will My Electric Or Gas Come From?

Again, switching is a seamless process. You will not notice the transition whatsoever. Your service will have absolutely no interruptions in the slightest. Your electricity still comes from the same power plant(s) and over the same distribution network (wires). The only thing that changes is your retail service provider (billing company). The electricity or gas will be no different than before or after the switch. The only difference you will see is the price of the supply on your bill!

How Will Enrolling With A Supplier Lower My Bill?

Deregulation and the Choice Program allow energy suppliers to buy electricity and natural gas from wholesale sources. In addition, compared to the utility that must purchase power on specific dates, a supplier can wait until market conditions are much more favorable and buy in bulk at lower prices. This enables the suppliers to pass any applicable savings on to you. While there are no guarantees, there’s a good chance your bill will be lower than with the utility by a significant amount!

Why Choose Custom Energy Solutions To Shop For My Energy Supply?

With nearly a decade of experience in the commodities market, our leadership team has a unique perspective on where energy market costs impact your bottom line. As a national, full service consultancy, we help thousands of business navigate today’s treacherous energy environment.

Instead of calling one or two suppliers on your own and getting the price given to you, Custom Energy Solutions works with a network of over thirty licensed Energy Suppliers in order to bid your accounts out with the top retail suppliers in the nation. In addition, we are able to leverage our buying power and aggregate purchases to lower your price via economies of scale. Finally, by bidding your energy with so many suppliers, we are able to put the suppliers against each other in order to make them compete for your business. Custom Energy Solutions would not be in business if we were not consistently savings our client’s money. Therefore, it is in our best interest for every client of ours to maximize their savings in order to continue to provide superior service and grow our product line. After implementing a few of our services, it is not uncommon to realize a 25%-35% savings off of your energy costs!

Give us a call today for a free energy and bill analysis. Allow us to show you what we can do for your business today!

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