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Third-part-supplier-p-sub2Custom Energy Solutions offers a wide array of services in addition to enrolling our client’s in a third part supplier for savings on their electric or natural gas bills. We can implement a solar power system in your business or home. We also provide green energy and renewable resource options. Custom Energy Also works with an industry leader in energy audits to replace old expensive lighting with modern LED light bulbs, as well as to install new HVAC systems and insulate air leaks in buildings. Furthermore, we work hand in hand with a bill auditing firm to have your utility bills analyzed for large refunds.

We work with our larger clients to help save them money with Demand Response, a simple program where the utility pays you handsomely to lower your usage during peak days of the year. Of course, we are always helping our clients cut down on their overall energy use and are continually posting energy saving tips on our Facebook Page. Whatever your particular energy needs may be, we can handle them for you while allowing you to put money in your pocket each month! We will set you up with a plan where you will receive one consolidated bill from one utility company so your payments are organized and easy to make out. Come to Custom Energy Solutions to take the hassle out of your energy costs and to start saving money today!

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